No Bossism…be a Change Agent

I am not a BOSS

Every one of us wherever we are in our social strata love to be a BOSS.

Bossism is a gone days theory & my theory is to be a CHANGE-AGENT rather to mentor and monitor.

We all remember our old-school days where most of us used to be CLASS MONITORS….that was nothing but to MENTOR our fellow friends to remain in DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is just PRICELESS……practice it from early CHILDHOOD & it will yield results for sure in Adolescence and even in our age of maturity.

Framing a mind from childhood should be a big challenge for today’s parents in parenting rather then showing GRAFFITI of HIGH AMBITIOUS LIFE STYLE from childhood.

See the VIRTUES with whom God has gifted every child and explore the best possibilities how to groom and mentor the child… BLOOM in future.

A few words scribed from my own LIFETIME experiences.


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