Leopards @Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary

Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary is an uniqueness of natural habitat harbouring around 30 Leopards and out of that 11are quite active and their domain spreads over an area of around 21 sq kilometres.

Jhalana Safari Park is the best place to witness leopards and many other wild animals. It’s a fantastic place away from the city. One can enjoy a day from the hustle bustle and evidence the wildlife in close proximity to JAIPUR also known as PINK CITY.

We reached there on a weekend trip on Saturday and booked 3 paid SAFARIS one on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.Though we spotted Leopard one each on first 2 safaris from quite distance but at last on the last (afternoon)Safari on Sunday it was a lucky day for all of us as we could view and click so many snaps from quite short distance.Here I have showcased a few pictures of KAJOD also known as SIMBA a Male leopard.

One can see leopards, hyena, blue bull, deer, peacocks and many more species of Fauna including varieties of birds.

KAJOD/SIMBA in a beautiful pose.

Jhalana being in JAIPUR is well connected by road about 270km away and air service is there from Delhi and other parts of India too.As a wildlife photographer I will suggest it’s a best possibility to enjoy the beauty of Flora and Fauna in tranquility and an ample chance to spot beautiful LEOPARDS in Jhalana.



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