White Throated Kingfisher

White Throated Kingfisher

The white-throated kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis) also known as the white-breasted kingfisher is a Tree Kingfisher , widely distributed in Asia from the Sinai east through the Indian Subcontinent to the Philippines.

It’s from another angle

This breed of bird is a resident over much of its range, although some populations may make short distance movements. It can often be found well away from water where it feeds on a wide range of prey that includes small reptiles, amphibians, crabs, small rodents and even birds.

During the breeding season they call loudly in the mornings from prominent perches including the tops of buildings in urban areas or on wires.

All these three clicks are from Nandankanan wetlands near Bhubaneswar Odisha, India and I am lucky this bird posed before my camera though it’s a very common bird found in abundance near water bodies in most part of India.



Ranthombore National Park a perfect Wildlife destination

Ranthmbore National Park a perfect Wildlife destination

Being a nature lover as well as a photographer Wildlife has remaind my priority while choosing weekend photography trips.

It was a weekend in May 2019 me and wife planned for Ranthombore National Park in Sawai Madhopur(Rajasthan)with every hope to see its beauty and ofcourse we both were hopeful to see Tiger this time.

It was a journey of almost 8 hours from Delhi and we reached at Ranthmbore by mid day.Took lunch and started for an in-depth idea into the wilds there.

It’s the famous Ranthombore Fort in Sawai Madhopur.

It was really surprising to find some uncommon birds that I would always cherish as a photographer.

It’s a Lesser Flame Backed Woodpecker.

The unique Indian Paradise Flycatcher that really was tough enough to click because it was hardly stable to shoot.

It’s again a Indian Paradise Flycatcher that I could capture through my lens.
On the next morning we went into Ranthmbore on a Canter Safari but except glimpse of few water birds we could not spot tiger that morning.

Its a Male Spotted Deer called Royal stag.

Again on the same afternoon we went into Ranthombore on a jeep safari and I would call myself lucky enough to spot a Male young tiger while he was taking rest near a water body.

Ranthombore is about 385 km away from the national capital Delhi and well connected through rail and road. Even one can fly from Delhi to Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan to reach Ranthombore by road about 190km.



My journey from “Photography” 2 “Blogging”

My journey of photography started when I was too young to hold a camera Even.

I still remember my first camera  was an #Agfa #Isoly2 which I took in my school days in 1970’s. 

Indian National Bird

Boat on River

Tawang-where sky meets the land

The Harvest….a click from Jharkhand


Mother’s Care

It was the roaring 70’s  with that tiny machine in my hand,I was considered popular among my circle of friends.In 1981,I got a Germany make #Voiglander camera as a gift from my Bro in law .I was extremely happy to click with that camera and it was quite handy and a heavy one though small .

In college days,I was quite popular among friend circle as a click master . I got another #Minolta camera and results were excellent never hesitate to try my hands on big and heavy Video cameras of Sony make.In 1986 or so, I got My first SLR #Practika as a gift from my same bro in law as a gift who got it for me from Holland and those days no DSLR were there.That was an awesome SLR with a telephoto lens & a telezoom flash.

I bought my first DSLR Nikon D3200 in 2012, and it was an awesome experience with 18-105 Nikor lens . With that,I got great wide angle nature shots in particular .Again I got a DSLR Nikon D5300 with 18-55mm & 70-300mm Nikor lens.Really amazing shots I could get with a Nikor 70-300mm lens and the journey is still on.to be honest just got a new Tokina 11-20mm Japan lens very recently and every one says its just awesome hardy lens for wide angle Landscape Photography.

cropped-img_22451.jpg The S T R I N G

Bangles of Lac being hand made and show cased from Ranchi

Mystery Look….a Candid shot from Chandipur Beach.

Beautiful Silk Route

Embedded beauty of Nature is always clear & distinct needs no words to express.A click from Countryside in Frankfurt Germany



Beauty is a matter of how you perceive it……I strongly believe “Every creations of Almighty is Beautiful”.


Clicking a Model in Bridal makeup 💄 is one of my latest pursuits . Basically being a Banker by profession and holding a responsible post & to be honest I was not getting enough time to go for new clicks from nature or wildlife.An idea clicked in my mind why not to start Blogging on my own clicks instead…..

I Dedicate my first Blog to all Photographers….



Leopards @Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary

Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary is an uniqueness of natural habitat harbouring around 30 Leopards and out of that 11are quite active and their domain spreads over an area of around 21 sq kilometres.

Jhalana Safari Park is the best place to witness leopards and many other wild animals. It’s a fantastic place away from the city. One can enjoy a day from the hustle bustle and evidence the wildlife in close proximity to JAIPUR also known as PINK CITY.

We reached there on a weekend trip on Saturday and booked 3 paid SAFARIS one on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.Though we spotted Leopard one each on first 2 safaris from quite distance but at last on the last (afternoon)Safari on Sunday it was a lucky day for all of us as we could view and click so many snaps from quite short distance.Here I have showcased a few pictures of KAJOD also known as SIMBA a Male leopard.

One can see leopards, hyena, blue bull, deer, peacocks and many more species of Fauna including varieties of birds.

KAJOD/SIMBA in a beautiful pose.

Jhalana being in JAIPUR is well connected by road about 270km away and air service is there from Delhi and other parts of India too.As a wildlife photographer I will suggest it’s a best possibility to enjoy the beauty of Flora and Fauna in tranquility and an ample chance to spot beautiful LEOPARDS in Jhalana.



Bird Photography….a new Dimension

Life is a Hell if you let your passion to die….

Not just photographers lead their passionate life but there are millions with different hobby or passion they nurture through their busy life style also live LIFE KINGSIZE….I started my journey in perusing photography since early childhood but the plunge into Bird photography came off late during my last tenure at Delhi.

Here I will share some of my prize winning shots for visual pleasure of my co-photographers and followers.

Bronze Winged Jacana
Fighting for a fish catch…Purple Heron and Black Headed Ibis
Common Crane

Dedicated to all Nature & Wildlife lovers

Indian Darter….engulfing FISH

It’s really interesting to watch Indian Darter while fishing during morning hours in Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan India.

Indian Darter in action

I have captured some beautiful shots which I am sure would encourage my photography friends
Again an Indian Darter in a different pose engulfing while sitting on a perch.Its a shot from the same place Keoladeo National Park.

I always love this shot as it created a doubt among some photography friends that perhaps it was a dead fish….which I vehemently denied as I captured a series of shots of the same bird with different poses.

Indian Pitta….Unique colourful Bird

Indian Pitta…an unique colourful Bird.

It’s an Indian Pitta (called as Nabrangi in Hindi) perching with a wide open bill with eyes fixed towards some distant object and with an approximate body length of 18-20, this very colourful looking Indian Pitta also known locally as ‘Nawarang’ (Pitta brachyura) is a bird of well-wooded and scrubby country.

It is mainly terrestrial in habits, but roosts at night in low trees and is fond of nullahs and ravines with plenty of undergrowth, deciduous as well as evergreen, and is met with both near and away from human habitations.

They mostly feed on insects, spiders, small worms, slugs and even small snails. The nesting season is between May and August, with peaks in June in central India, and in July in northern India.

It’s my first Pitta shot for that me and wife to search inside the bushes for almost 2 hours & at last clicked a few shots on ground from different angels in Mangar Ban(Haryana)

June 2019

Gear:Nikon D500 with 200-500mm Nikkor Lens.



Trip to Mangar Bani…Bird’s Paradise

Trip to Mangar Bani…Bird’s Paradise

It was a fine Sunday Morning in June 2019 and we started for Mangar Bani on Aravali Hills in Haryana just adjacent to Delhi.

The early morning journey was awesome and we reached there by 6am after 50mins drive from my residence & got to see and click a lot of birds normally uncommon to spot in urban lands.

It’s Cenereous Tit a cute bird.

Yellow eyed Babbler.

The Spotted Owlet.

It’s the Rufous Treepie.

The White Bellied Drongo.

The Created Bunting.

Indian Pitta PC Salil

Not just these birds but a lot many varieties of birds we got to see there.

From there we went to a resort nearby for some more Photograhy but due to drizzling the outdoor photography could not be possible.One of our friend suggested for a quick picnic and we all conceded to it.

Thanks to Salil from ASIAN ADVENTURES www.asianadventures.in the conservation cum travel company arranging such a magnificent memorable day for all of us.
I would suggest my Bird Photographer friends to explore this unique jungle with all care and sympathetic attitude not to disturb their eco-system.