Blue Faced Malkoha….a new addition to my Arena

Blue Faced Malkoha The blue-faced malkoha (Phaenicophaeus viridirostris) or small green-billed malkoha, is a non-parasitic cuckoo found in the scrub and deciduous forests of peninsular India and Sri Lanka. It has a waxy, dark, blue-grey plumage on its upperparts and has a long tail with graduated white-tipped feathers. The throat and chin are dark with…… Continue reading Blue Faced Malkoha….a new addition to my Arena

The Black Headed Ibis….killing a Snake

It’s every wildlife photographer’s a dream to click such shots where The Black Headed Ibis….killing a Snake and engulfing of it and that allows few minutes to shoot if the angle is proper. The remnant of the Snake engulfed It was early morning on a Sunday in December that we reached Manglajodi Wetlands near Chilika…… Continue reading The Black Headed Ibis….killing a Snake

Who am I to Judge

Who am I to Judge I came across a nice preaching by an ISCON Swami ji while travelling with wife and it really touched me the way he was narrating it in a most subtle way. The story was like this….. Once upon a time there was man blessed with 4 sons and he asked…… Continue reading Who am I to Judge


THE MISSING LINK Yes…..Life Goes On But….. It becomes more COLOURFUL and MEANINGFUL if you get like minded CO-GOERS in the SOJOURN of your JOURNEY of LIFE . You can NEVER get your co-goers who are LIKE MINDED unless you make your OWN AURA , because it’s your AURA that attracts like MINDED PEOPLE around…… Continue reading The MISSING LINK

Ego (अहंकार) BEWARE of it

Ego (अहंकार) BEWARE of it Ego (अहंकार) BEWARE of it One must know the thin line of difference between self-respect and ego. Ego is अहंकर in any form is harmful and Self-respect is स्वाभिमान and is always healthy and welcome in any stage of life. The more we shed our Ego the more pure we…… Continue reading Ego (अहंकार) BEWARE of it

Leave the Past

MARCH AHEAD….it’s LIFE Everyday let’s ask a simple Q to self in the MORNING ! “Where do I stand ? Have I have emptied myself from YESTERDAY’s SORROWS”. An usual the answer comes back……to be NO….NO…..NO……. Please take a pause & think twice and see If you have enough ROOM for today’s BUNCH of JOY…… Continue reading Leave the Past