Gramophone…..a Vintage look

Gramophone.....a nostalgic Indulgence and a Vintage look I am so happy to get back a new Gramophone a replica of those Gramophones & It's a real nostalgic feel that I was longing for.Thanks to Kolkata's "Nostalgia Heritage shops" to portray the oldest mechanical music player. The Metal pin with a diaphragm plays with the most … Continue reading Gramophone…..a Vintage look

Bird Paradise at Mangalajodi

Bird Paradise at Mangalajodi Mangalajodi is the unique Bird sanctuary in Odisha (India) where more than 2.5 lakhs of birds (both resident and migratory) having about 168 species visit during winter season starting from mid of October till mid of March.However peak season starts from December till 2nd week of February when most of the … Continue reading Bird Paradise at Mangalajodi