Living with the Myth

Living with the Myth

Friends we are already there in the first quarter of 21st Century.

Although blessed with a lot of new avenues with the advent of technology expressing well that we are civilised and posses the best of the GADGETS to handle our life steer through all hurdles but we still live with MYTHS in INDIAN context.

Social media is in the fore front with sites like Facebook Tweeter Whatsapp and what not !

Still we in India live with the age old stigma of myths.

I am sure every now and then you too experience the same threat of breaking your peace of mind as some one sends you a lucky fish , some one sends you a lucky Angel and even SAI CHARISHMA with a request to forward to your list of contacts to experience some heavenly grace.

These days people don’t have time to look across into the eyes of the person sitting in front and rather stay engrossed with the smartphone in hand in chatting with the distant unknown individual……THE VIRTUAL FRIENDSHIP is so VIRAL….the REAL FRIENDSHIP seems to be in ICU to thrive.

I have seen young couples sitting in restaurants not talking to each other and rather busy with their smartphones.

WHAT THE HELL….we are moving into !

Smartphone revolution has brought us so many avenues to make life and relationship a better one but the reverse is happening .

So many marriages are going in to shreds just for nothing…..the CHATTING & SELFIE MANIA sometimes make me laugh.

Where we stand we don’t know.

Where we are marching ahead we don’t know.

Is this advent of SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY ?

No my dear……

Let’s STOP 🔴Let’s TALK not in CHATTING but in real.

Lets INTERACT with the REAL not the VIRTUAL.

Let’s learn a REAL FUNDA of LIFE

let’s learn to derive HAPPINESS from the small and tiny things or happenings around us every moment.

Let’s be happy to SEE others happy.


Let’s RESTRAIN a little bit in all our VIRTUAL WORLD activities.

Let’s LIVE & let LIVE


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  1. Rita says:

    Siba, I totally agree, people are not able to communicate even kids and parents simple things to each other.Need to go back to roots.

    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Yes Rita
      So true a Fatal attraction

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