Journey from Impossible to I m possible

Journey from Impossible 2.....I M Possible It’s said by most who are the Real Winners in every spheres of their life...... •Nothing is Impossible & that means I am possible• I feel FEAR of LOSING is the BIGGEST HURDLE when we face any PROBLEM in our LIFE. Fear to overcome the hurdle always prompts us … Continue reading Journey from Impossible to I m possible


Sailing a boat in an Ocean of Fantasy. Dream-the-Impossible-&-it's-I-am-Possible. Since my childhood I was a pampered Boy with 4 sisters elder to me to see my feet laid on velvety cushion & a little brother younger to see me shine and rise. May be I am not just a loner here on this Planet who … Continue reading Sailing-a-boat-in-an-Ocean-of-Fantasy

Gramophone…..a Vintage look

Gramophone.....a nostalgic Indulgence and a Vintage look I am so happy to get back a new Gramophone a replica of those Gramophones & It's a real nostalgic feel that I was longing for.Thanks to Kolkata's "Nostalgia Heritage shops" to portray the oldest mechanical music player. The Metal pin with a diaphragm plays with the most … Continue reading Gramophone…..a Vintage look