Space in Love



Being demanding in LOVE diminishes LOVE

Being craving in LOVE diminishes LOVE.

We all are UNIQUE SOULS enriched with LOVE QUOTIENT well embedded.

It’s a common happening in many relationships these days…..

•husbands returns from job and wife complains “These days you no more love me and never ever you bring a Rose for me”.

To the contrary in a fine evening “husband comes home with a Rose in hand and wife says “ WoW “ how it’s possible you bought me a Rose & I am sure there is something beneath it.


At times it such happens •Spouse even ask her hubby’s secretary “ Yesterday at what time he left office ?

Just common example of real like SAGA.

Have you ever noticed on a SEA-SHORE the waves smashing on the SHORE ?

All the waves those arise and crash are so different in shape and size,so do the emotions that arise in our mind are

uniquely different.

Love is space and love blooms within space.

If there is space love is likely to bloom to it’s utter true colour.

But demanding and craving diminishes it and shrinks it.

*”Making assumptions is a sure-shot way to kill a relationship…”*

Assumptions are a product of expectations and by doing so we end up blaming others! Our mind has a natural tendency to assume negative about others.

Inspire and train your mind to upgrade its quality of thinking, be open and supersede the influence assumptions and you will surely enjoy Best of the relationships.

Pancha Tattva is a Sanskrit term which comprises of

Akash (Sky or space)

Vayu (Air)

Jal (Water)

Agni (Fire) &

Prithvi (Earth)mrida.

Among all these 5 TATWAS…..SPACE is the FILLER.


Man ki Batein


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  1. S N Sharma says:

    Well said

    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Thanks Sharma ji

  2. Anonymous says:

    The wife is always right there’s something beneath ” don’t forget the thorns beneath the seducing red petals of a 🌹”. And unconsciously we happen to get pricked by the tiniest thorn ever dreamt of.
    A real debatable topic ….
    Anything that is never left with space will succumb to death. a.

    1. PhotoBySiba says:


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