Kusum Sarovar in Goverdhan a HOLY Shrine for HINDUS

Kusum Sarovar in Goverdhan

It is in Goverdhan & just 20 km away from Mathura/Vrindavan in UTTAR PRADESH (INDIA).

The legend says….

Kusum Sarovar, a historical sandstone monument on the holy Govardhan Hill between Govardhan and Radha Kund in District Mathura of Uttar Pradesh, India. Near the monument are the Narada Kund, where Bhakti Sutra verses were written by Narada, and the Sri Radha Vana Bihari Temple.


In 1675 this earthen pond was constructed properly by Veer Singh ruler of Orcha after which Maharaja Suraj Mal Jat gave it the form of a garden for his queen Kishori Jat.

The building, with cenotaphs of the Bharatpur royal family, was built by Jat raja Jawahir Singh, the king of Bharatpur (1707–1763), in honor of his father MahaRaja Suraj Mall in 1764. Members of his family died during the 18th century fighting the British.

Afterward, Jawahar Singh considered it as a memento of his parents.

Govardhan a truly nice place for a weekend trip with family and I always move with my DSLR in hand to bring back few memories to cherish for a life time.


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