The Hawker….a Street Photo

“Street Photography….The Hawker”

They are the ones who have a right to a DECENT LIVING always just like any one us in our society.

Street Hawkers are the ones who always choose the most busy places and streets where tourists are in abundance like Beaches , Monuments etc & that’s their place to cater to major chunk of clienteles selling off the items they carry to earn a handsome amount for a living.

For them….

Every day is a New Day with Newer Challenge.

As a street photographer I always care to take a glimpse of such picture in sight to work on my project and I took this shot at Puri sea beach in Odisha during my visit in 2015.

This man was carrying a lot of colorful hand bags with a smiley face to pamper buyers with his alluring words .

I always respect every such work which we as carry out for living a decent life .I have every respect for these Hawkers who roam around in city’s streets and places of crowd across the world 🌎for a living.”

•They have a right to living•


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