Women’s Day Special 8th March a Tribute

Women’s Day Special 8th March a Tribute.

Let Her Fly high with wings of Fire 🔥


A single woman well educated in true sense can really change a community she dwells in.

Its a fact ” Had there not been a “Woman”in our life Our very own existence would have been “NOT possible”.

There is an old saying “Charity begins at Home” so do “Respect to Women” should always start from Home & Home only.

We all are blessed with a dear Mother & some are lucky to see her live today some are like me who still search Her among twinkling Stars 🌟 .

A child without a Mother is like an Orphan and to the contrary the child is a child always for a Mother.

We all have Women around us in our life but in different relationships .As a loving Mom she nourishes her offspring.As a caring Sister she always walks in high heels for a Brother.As a Daughter for her the Father is the First Man she adores & Mother is her last resort.As a lovely Wife she adores her Husband.As a collegue or a Friend we have women too who equally caring for our well being.

When a Man is educated he only serves himself but….when a Woman gets educated she enlightens many generations.Even in Hindu Mythology since time immemorial there is the system of “Kanya Pujan” ” कन्यापूजन ” it’s nothing but giving her the right & justified place she deserves.

Gone are those days when mostly women were confined to 4 walls of a house and with the advent of civilisation present day Women are entrusted even the toughest responsibilities for which Men used to boast of in bygone days.

Let’s just not celebrate this beautiful day by saying high sounding words but let’s pledge not to hurt any Woman in our life in any form…..

Though sometimes a Woman can’t protest against any wrong doings against her modesty and will but her tears could cost a lot.Let’s respect each and every Women for their Attire & Attitude May be different from us.

Let’s not judge her because she is all alone.There are a million Single Moms today raising their offspring singly like any other normal parents. And it’s a sign and height of their valore.Don’t ever even dare to think she is weak/fragile…..

Women are getting #Intolerant to violence either mental or physical day by day.

Let’s rather take her hand in our hand and make her feel warm and comfortable.

Arise Awake & Act…..it’s time to act only.

For a loving Wife….my words of honour would be….

“She is the Queen of your Kingdom”.

Dedicated to all lovely women…..for her love & care and unseen inner beauty she carries as her attitude .

My #Respectful #Salute to #Women & #Motherhood.


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