Recipe#2 Veggie Special….Masoor Dal Tadka

Veggie Special….Masoor Dal Tadka

In today’s urban life style it’s a good sign people taking interest in Indian style Veggie recipes.

The item here is a pure veg recipe & can be taken as a combination with Roti/Parantha for dinner.

Ingredients: for approx 3 persons

1)Masoor Dal 200 gm approx

2)Turmeric powder as per requirement

3)Chopped onion 1 number

4)Chopped Tomato small ones 2 pieces

5)Green chillies sliced and chopped 3-4 pieces

6)Mustard oil 3 teaspoon

7)Chopped corriendar leaves

8)Salt as per taste

9)Ginger finely cut half teas spoon

Method of preparation:

First of all the dal is thoroughly washed with pouring water in to it in a bowl & put to boil in a pressure cooker & after one whistle keep the cooker in seam temperatures. The dal is ready for a Chaunk.

Put the Kadhai on an oven & add the mustard oil in to it after pre heating for 1-2 minutes.When the oil is hot under seam temp pour the chopped onion,green chillies & tomato in to it along with turmeric powder as per need and salt as per taste . Stir it with a flat spoon & when the mixture for chaunk is tanned say after 4-5 minutes on seam heat the boiled Masoor dal is then poured into it and add some boiled water as per gravy requirement.

The Tangy Masoor Dal Tadka is ready to be served & let’s not forget with a dressing with green coriander leaves and finely cut ginger pieces .

Hope it will make your dinner a bit more palatable with few drops of fresh lemon juice added to it.

It’s My wife’s preparation and I feel so happy to portray her work though I just laid my hands in last minute Chaunk in that dish.

I am lucky having a wonderful lady as my wife & she cooks some unique veg dishes so typical to our region of Odisha-WB boarder.

She also cooks some equally spicy 🌶 & tangy Non-Veg (Fish,Egg&Mutton) delights as well.


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  1. Dreamtemples says:

    Looks delicious!

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thank you 😊

  2. divya vaidya says:

    It looks very tasty sir. It’s your wife’s hard-work though, but your photography also gives it more meaning.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      You are right…..but the real lady behind the show should always get the right share of her honour.
      I am lucky to a wonderful lady as my wife & she cooks some unique veg dishes so typical to my region of Odisha-WB boarder.
      She cooks equally challenging spicy 🌶 tangy Non-Veg Fish Egg & Mutton delights too.

      1. divya vaidya says:

        I must say… She is also a very lucky lady to have a person like you in her lie who give equal honour and share.
        Respect your work because you explain beautifully what your wife is cooking.
        I am more interested in Vegetables and Dal because I am a Pure Vegetarian 🙂

      2. CreativeSiba says:

        O really….that’s great to know.
        I am though not vegetarian in food habit but I equally enjoy veg items too.Whsts your speciality ?

      3. divya vaidya says:

        Well… I can cook, but not tasty food. Just started cooking last year after my marriage and it’s my learning phase. Other than that I am a good reader, although I am not getting that much time after job and housework. Still I continue my hobby in train Journey. 🙂

      4. CreativeSiba says:

        That’s great and always your craving to explore possibilities will bring a sea change in your foodie passion as well as your personality..
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      5. divya vaidya says:

        Lovely post and especially this line –
        Let Her Fly high with wings of Fire 🔥

        Give her chance and she will change the world… She won’t ask for more, Just little support and trust.

      6. CreativeSiba says:

        My wish is exactly like that
        My tagline

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