N A T U R E…I am in Love 😍 with

If you are in love with #Nature

Here is a visual #Fiesta

A click from my Hotel’s 5th floor(NH Hotels in Frankfurt Germany) of the scenic #Nature around.

I couldn’t stop 🛑Clicked this awesome 😎 #Selfie with my cute wife 😍.


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  1. Farhat says:

    You both seem to be two beautiful flowers Masaallah #blooming buds# VO MEHAKTI KHUSBU YAHA TAK AA RAHA HAI.Hamesha muskurate rehna with that billion pound smile of yours. missing it. Have you noticed the color and hue of the leaves and flower out there its so different from our trees. There is a tree out there which bores flowers of three different colors in different season .

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      1. Farhat says:

        Masaallah apni khusbu se yu he sab ko mast malang banaye rakhna Ameen.


  2. Miriam says:

    Great selfie and that scenic photo is absolutely gorgeous. Yes indeed, a feast for the senses 🙂🌷

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    1. CreativeSiba says:

      It’s a touchy compliment #Miriam
      Thanks 🙏🏾 it caught your attention.

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