Deep in to NATURE…a retreat & self rejuvenating.


I felt like sharing some beautiful shots from my recent trip to Frankfurt in Germany countryside.It was so healing & retreating as if reorienting self with NATURE.A true way to reunite with self in short.I am specially thankful to my wife for taking a such a nice shot of myself seated on a wooden bench on a Village Road.


6 thoughts on “Let’s-be-one-with-nature-once-more

  1. The shots are a perfect blend of serenity and tranquility just life like. being a nature lover one would feel like trodding on to that long white road lined with trees on either side Its like a poetry from one of the poet of the Victorian age . The long road makes me say just a sentence I have miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I ssleep……All the pictures were awesome life like.

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