•Life is a Lesson in itself•&•Let-me-know-I-am-sure-I-can-mould-myself-to-suit-you•

•Life is a Lesson we all ought to learn from Life•


May be I am not sure how you take life in real life situations but to be honest we all living creatures are just like #Microbes in this #Fathomless #Ocean of #Universe.

May be the biggest mistake almost we do in diverting our thought process to roam around our own-being but….

Do you know it’s amongst us only few are born to think differently & distinctly different from the lot.

Once we think of the #sufferings The Mankind & it has no #Caste no #Creed .Suffering is an #Universal #Menace and in a World 🌎 of “Haves” don’t you agree “The haven’t” have a fair share of #Happiness which they are well deprived of.

When ever I get a chance (oh….yes now I am placed in a Mega city) I simply observe thousands of

  • #Homeless shivering in cold on #Footpath

  • Millions won’t get a square meal 🥘 a day.

  • The more we look around the more sufferings of our people we get to notice.

  • I have learnt…My sufferings gets diminished the moment I start caring for the millions suffering around me !

The secret of My smiles is…..I can put smiles on million lips 👄 without judging you in any way.

#Thoughts put to #Words


I always believe…..God is always a BIG Planner & He has his Own Agenda.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Life is a long chapter the gist at the back of the book is unpredictable. And the master planner plans according to his likes and we interfere into. his plan with our dislikes and likes and thats where the conflict begins within us .amen

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Right & Perfect 👌

  2. Indira says:

    So true. When I look around I find my problems are nothing compared to others.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Yes Indira you are very much right and that’s the right way to minimise own sorrow that I meant to project.

  3. Minny says:

    Nice blog and surely a nice heart to think and write these words…..not everyone is blessed with clean and pure thought….

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      I am sure you have keenly observed my both sides & I mean my Brighter/Darker sides and I am really thankful you choose to praise with your sweet words of inspiration and let me say my gratitude…..not every one can even praise a good work these days.

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