A *Story* that changed Me

That was a fine morning and due to drizzles I could’t take out my Royal Enfield Bullet(Bike) which I usually take for fetching milk from the Gosala(Dairy) nearby .I had to take my car and as usual while returning on my favorite FM channel the RJ(radio Jocky) narrated a nice story……
Once upon a time a poor lady residing  in a hamlet got a letter and on opening it…..it read like this.


She really got dumbfounded thinking about the content of the letter & started checking her purse & got only 5$ note with which she started heading towards the local store to fetch foods for GOD.She took one cake and some pastries and while returning a scantily clad poor hungry man looked at her and asked her to part her with the food as he was extreme hungry.
But the lady replied with much hesitation

“I wish to give you food but I am sorry as tonight God is coming for dinner at my house and sorry…I can’t give you the food”

Then she started for her home but all on a sudden her conscience compelled her to return back to that hungry man and she said

“Look it’s for you and please accept the food and don’t worry , I will arrange something else for GOD tonight”

That man’s wife was shivering due to heavy cold as she was not having a coat even.The lady took out her coat and handed over it to the poor lady “Please take my coat and get rid of cold ,as I have another coat at my house I can manage”.
She returned home and while she was entering her house got another letter on the door step.It read like this…


                                            The story reminds me a saying by
“मैं उस प्रभु के सेवक हुँ जिसे अज्ञानी लोग मनूश्य कहते हैं”

The Moral:-
Let’s serve the needy and the poor around and it’s GODLY.


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  1. Ameen says:

    This excerpt was a part of the syllabus which I taught my students in the english class . One thing that I learnt from the excerpt was that You dont know whom THE ALMIGHTY sends in disguise. Before pushing someone away give your action a second thought for you may not get that person back again.

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  2. Excellent story. Extremely thought provoking. Daivam mAnusha rUpeNa!

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    1. CreativeSiba says:

      I am really happy from the core of my heart ❤️.

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    2. CreativeSiba says:

      By virtue of my posting in Liluah near Belur Math I am presently residing just adjacent to Belur Math and i frequently visit the Math .I have written Blog on Belur Math .

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  3. Dreamtemples says:

    Beautiful story!Thanks for sharing.The moral of the story is so true and also the teaching of Swami Vivekananda.We only have to remind ourselves that God comes to us in the most humble forms.

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    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Exactly right my dear


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