Red Rose#1

If You can bear the #Thorns the #Rose is always Your’s….

It happens every where as each one of us & I repeat almost each of us just wish the brighter side of life & love ❤️ forgetting the #darker side and even there is Full Moon 🌕/ New Moon 🌑 in Nature’s cycle.

“Flowers are the most beautiful things next to Women ever created by God”

A Red Rose for your visual delights & I am sure it will ignite the #girly instinct in every #women.


11 thoughts on “Red Rose#1

  1. Red ignites fire within, whether red rose or any object in red can drive youu crazy atleast am one of them.
    Ek nasha,ek khumari hai es rang mai.

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    1. I clicked it during my Buxar stay time long back.
      Thanks Ranjeeta

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    1. We are friend as Bloggers
      I feel honoured with your humbleness

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  2. Reblogged this on Success Inspirers World and commented:

    #Red #Rose for my #Friends


  3. Wow! A beautiful pic.sir. Makes me feel as if I can reach out and touch the gorgeous petals,its so close!

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    1. Yes….it is as if touching our own #Soul


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