To Judge….is a last resort

To Judge….is a last resort

I came across a nice preaching by an ISCON Swami ji while travelling with wife and it really touched me the way he was narrating it in a most subtle way.

The story was like this…..

Once upon a time there was man blessed with 4 sons and he asked all his four sons to visit a particular tree far off and submit their findings within a year’s time limit.

The eldest one visited the tree during Winter and saw the tree without any leaves and covered with snow and the tree stems were shrunk because of heavy cold weather.

The second son visited the same tree during Rainy days and the out look of the tree was altogether different with lash green leaves blooming with sunshine.

The third son visited the same tree during Summer days and found the tree full of ripe fruits adding flavour and taste to his taste buds.

The last son visited the the same tree during Fall season and found the leaves were purple red adding glamour to the surrounding nature.

When all the 4 sons finished their visit, Father asked every one to be present in the hall and narrate their views on the same tree.

The first son narrated the TREE as is a dry wooden log standing tall amidst snow clad earth to which the second son contradicted by saying he had seen the tree lash green with leaves blooming altogether.

Contradict to second son’s statement the Third son said he had seen the tree full of Ripen Fruits adding an extra pinch of hunger to his taste buds.

The last son again contradicted and affirmed that he had seen the tree adding hue to the environment with purple red leaves being in Fall season.

Father after hearing from all 4 on the same tree said……

When WE FIND so much of CHANGES in a TREE only… come we JUDGE a HUMAN BEING by seeing him in one SEASON ?

It takes a life time to understand any INDIVIDUAL before judging HIM/HER.

The MORAL of the STORY is….

NEVER JUDGE any ONE because WE all are BORN UNIQUE

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