It was a real nice deliberations by sister Shibani from “BRAHMA KUMARI” while doing YOGA in the morning and it was on a burning topic “SOUL CONNECTION”.

It’s a common thing we all know that a Doctor seldom treats his/her own kids , a psychologist seldom counsels his/her own near and dear one’s and a teacher seldom teaches his/her own offsprings.

It’s the irony of life and behind it “EMOTION” plays a great role.To simplify it I would tell a nice example

”We normally say •I CAN FEEL THE PAIN/AGONY THAT YOU ARE UNDER GOING TO OUR NEAR AND DEAR ONES in DISTRESS• & here it magnifies his/her PAIN/AGONY because it’s an ATTACHMENT and it’s a MULTIPLAYER where as DETACHED people would find a SOLUTIONS and will just empathise with the SUFFERER.

The WISE say being in a DETACHED state of MIND we all can perform a lot of duties in a more appropriate and proper way where as being ATTACHED makes it a BURDEN on the SUFFERER.

Detachment can be practised through regular MEDITATIONS and I am sure it works.

Just few words I found like sharing with my friends here.

Thanks for sparing your valuable time.


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  1. grav8729 says:

    Om Shanti

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    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Abhar he aap ki


  2. Sumayya Ali says:


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  3. Sumayya Ali says:

    Wow. Loved it👌

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    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Thanks Sumaaya


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