Indian Robin a cute Bird

Indian Robin

The Indian robin (Copsychus fulicatus)is a species of bird in the family Muscicapidae.

It is widespread in the Indian subcontinent, and ranges across Bangladesh, Bhutan , Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

They are commonly found in open scrub areas and often seen running along the ground or perching on low thorny shrubs and rocks. The long tail is usually held up and the chestnut undertail coverts and dark body make them easily distinguishable from pied bushchats and oriental magpie robins.

The Indian robin is sexually dimorphic in plumage with the male being mainly black with a white shoulder patch or stripe whose visible extent can vary with posture.

The males have chestnut undertail coverts and these are visible as the bird usually holds the 6–8 cm long tail raised upright. The females are brownish above, have no white shoulder stripe and are greyish below with the vent a paler shade of chestnut than the males. Birds of the northern populations are larger than those from southern India or Sri Lanka. Juvenile birds are much like females but the throat is mottled.

Compiled the informations along with my clicks I took in Delhi for enriching my own knowledge as well as to help my Bird lover Bloggers and Photographer Friends.


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