Back to Square#1 The Bi-cycle

Back to Square#1 The Bicycle

A message to All…..

The days are not far off when all these modern days amenities like AC accommodation,Driving a limousine or spending chilled noon on deserts of UAE would only remain as a day dream because all these are earned at a very high cost of burning fuels and coals hidden in deep core of our planet Earth.

There are most populous countries like China and even in most parts of EUROPE & USA people are switching back to riding a bicycle for commuting from home to office and even for long distance keeping aside the car and taking a cycle from the pool to reach office block.

Till how long we will wait… hear the call of our MotherNature to act upon.

The Globalwarming has become a nightmare for the scientists working across the Globe and there are no means to reduce the devastating effects of a HotterEarth then to self realise and reduce every form of energy use to make this planet once more a safeheaven.

Just a mere try….you can call it a singularstep towards….renouncing the pleasures all man made rather for a better tomorrow.

The fact is….

Everyone can’t do everything

But we all can at least contribute something for betterment !


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