The Mystique

Here are some myths on myself I would love to share…..

Wife always says…..

Never mind almost all menfolk on this planet are very near to imperfection….May be it’s true!

so says most of the ladies and I mean married ladies though.

Almost every Man intend to find a Mother in his better half though knowing well every woman is a mystery….Yet not resolved.

Even more difficult are those who live to their own expectations & almost never intend to compete because they set their own milestones to cross to next level.I am that type who would never love to chase or be a part of any race.


Ask his wife how difficult it’s for her to handle such a man who lives to his own expectations and can create a vibe of friendliness all around.That is I am.

Many a times I have tried to hold people till last but only a few could last upto my expectations….Isn’t it strange ?I am happy there are….though just a few who still believe in ME.

A small funda of Life has always helped me in time of distress to over come it.

That is….It’s a strong belief that…..NOTHING IS PERMANENT.

Neither You nor Me would ever be immortal.

Even knowing this most of us…not all fight for everything & anything that just give us momentary pleasure.

Nothing will go with us…except our own purity & wisdom.

Being generous to the needy is the only of key to unconditional happiness which we all long for.

Destiny is destined….so thus We all.

#Mind put to #Words….nothing to agree or disagree and as confessed before I compete with myself & not with you 🤗.


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  1. madhuri pantsachiv says:

    very beautiful thinking and to be honest i although not experienced in the context of a bettr or bitter half
    being in the world of mostly men surrounded by men in the form of subordinates or relatives can imagine the working of a man’s mind thus thinking
    coming to be as par the expectation from anyone as a friend
    it’s both ways
    as you are expecting your friends to understand ur way of thinking it’s vise versa
    but yes nothing stays constant
    and requires change in attitudes too

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Wonderful thought provoking lines Miss Madhuri
      You are very much right
      It’s always vice-Versa
      Thanks 🙏 again for a patient reading 📖.

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