Photography Exhibition at “Nandalal Bose Gallery” (ICCR) Kolkata

My 2nd time experiences from “Photography Exhibition” at “Nandalal Bose Art Gallery” (ICCR ) Kolkata Indiaorganised by VIBGYOR PHOTOGRAPHY GROUP.

Me along with my wife with one of my Photography on the background on “Tribal Women” with firewood on Head that I clicked in 2016 at Chilapata WB.

That’s the other one of three Black buck deers a click from Buxar India.

I was really happy to see so many renowned photographer’s picture on display and a lot to learn the way different people understand any object they click.


It was really a moment to celebrate the beauty of Photography has a different feel altogether once they are displayed in such a renowned gallery .

Real cute pictures of vivid objects starting from living organisms to just landscapes and street shots.

It’s the closeup of that Black Buck beauties on display and I clicked it at Buxar in India.

I would love this shot with my Wife & one of my Veteran Friend cum a renowned photographer Sri Bhaja Gobinda Choudhury whom I respect as a nice person of versatile capabilities and a nice human being as well.I am thankful to Atanu Das the partner of Sri Bhaja Gobinda Choudhury in organising the show.

To conclude I would like to confess… itself is a Podium to perform the role as destined to play and I never think of any clapping till I am happy with my PASSION…..that’s my Biggest Achievement .

My love and respect to all Photography friends for such a beautiful portray.

It’s the Memento and a certification of Participation I would always keep as a memory.



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