Abstract Photography is rather an Art….(वो लम्हा)

To capture a beauty around you just need a pair of “Beautiful Eyes”& nothing else.

Any object is a piece of Art if clicked from the right angle with adequate lights and proper framing . Sometimes I just do experiments with my DSLR D7200 in hand with my  50mm NIKKOR Lens in hand.

It’s an awesome feel to spend few idle moments with some “ulta pulta” shots….heheheheee.

I will be happy if you say few words on this shot !


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Shades of photography. There are so many objects on this Earth and distinguished well defined ones are the main theme obviously.
    And this one is out of the blue since I saw it one word came to me ” Vo lamha” it was your momentary instinct to click this one when you saw it lying on the table above the newspaper. Why call it Ulta pulta. Its a pic which every one can relate to its a deed which everyone does after reading . If you feel like add those 2 words Vo. Lamha

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    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Ok let me incorporate…..thanks again


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