*Difficulties in opportunities or Opportunities in difficulties*

Difficulties in opportunities or Opportunities in difficulties?

How do we take things define our life.I have seen it in my own real life situations many a times people just out of mere jealousy become my foes and sometimes back bite even.Timely patience really works and no moment in life persists for long.Time passes like flowing water and if you are calm from within and sure of not ever hurt anybody for any reasons I am damn sure God is always on your side.

I will reiterate it’s • OPPORTUNITIES IN DIFFICULT TIMES • will always yield the desired results instead of searching • DIFFICULTIES IN OPPORTUNITIES •

#Thoughts put to #Words


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  1. Farhat says:

    yes today I really needed these consoling words thankx for this piece of blessing as your writing is no less than it for me at this moment I have got to give things a through thought and find oppurtunities out of my difficult situation .God bless U . AH.

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