MISTAKES are most easy 2 JUDGE yet most difficult 2 REALISE

“MiStAkEs” most EASY 2 judge yet most DIFFICULT 2 realise.


Isn’t it so true ?

Answer is obviously yes.

We as logical homo-sepians do a great blunder in judging others’ mistakes and when it’s our term mistakes are rare to be realised.

Yes…..it can be practiced in a simpler way otherwise too.

Just concentrate least on mistakes of others and realise own mistakes to turn around LIFE…

LIFE is a gift 🎁 and don’t ever lose the gift for the sake of judging others…Here comes an old “proverb”…

Just forgive and forget & I am sure when you will be apt in this small art….



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  1. Farhat says:

    Bus dushwar hai har kam ka # asaan # hona. #Aadmi# ko bhi muyasar nahi insaan hona. ………. Counting others mistake has stopped us from being humans so we remain #man/woman # instead of human.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Rightly said.

  2. Farhat says:

    Forgiving ones own self for the mistake we make is a greater achievement at times we don’t want to agree to the fact that we are fooling ourselves

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Rightly felt.

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