Life is like a Whirlpool



Sometimes life leads to a point of no-return & that’s the Go of Life.

The more we go closer to our inner self the place of Inner Tranquility we all can feel.Have you ever sat on the shore of a sea side or on the banks of a river ?

Yes if you seat for a while that’s the place to look deep in to waters to see life & how it manifolds in to multifarious magnitudes.The more we expect from life the life diminishes in to a sunken shell.

Life is a journey to Eternity and from Eternity we all are here since time immemorial playing different roles and some times coming out with flying colours and sometimes being ditched by none other than our own near & dear ones.

Most of the people just pass the life as it swipes away but some enjoy it to the fullest with happiness around.

Every Dawn brings a New Day…..Life it self is a Mistry & Life is like a Whirlpool.


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  1. Ya life is a mystry and solving it is real adventure

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    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Yes you are right

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  2. GANSU says:

    Well said

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    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Thanks Friend

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