MyQuotes#3 “Love can & Hatred can’t”

Love ❤️ can Conquer a Million Hearts ♥️ & Hatred can’t…..

Time has come we all have to practise… 

#Tolerance & #Acceptance to situations and people as they are because the whole World 🌎 is getting #Intolerant day by day…..

Never forget…..“L O V E” can do…Wonders

& Love ❤️ only preaches Tolerance“.

 Words from Heart……


4 thoughts on “MyQuotes#3 “Love can & Hatred can’t”

  1. I didn’t get the opportunity to read this before.though written long time back.Its 2018 now.
    Your thoughts are true to every inch.
    Love can do wonders,well proven.
    The drastic Change proves it.A stubborn arrogant person can become positive soft and happier.a.

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