Portrait Photography • The Sadhu

   ……The Sadhu…...

Almost every one wishes a scantily clad woman to pose for a snap(portrait)…to the contrary I always try to portray  "DIFFERENT SUBJECTS".

……..The Sadhu…….

The Sadhu in the "PORTRAIT" is there in the Temple at "DALMA RESERVE FOREST" "Hill Top Kali Temple"

since ages and he wont even remember when he came there . I had a long interaction with him during my trip in Nov2015 when I was posted at Ranchi in Jharkhand and he served us Tea & snacks . Even there is no mobile network facility at that height & it is totally cut off from the rest of the world.I could feel the "SERENITY & TRANQUILITY" of that place even though I was there for a few hours.

Dalma Forest is home to many elephants and they usually feed on the leaves in the deep forest and some times come down to the nearby planes adjoing to JAMSHEDPUR (TATA STEEL PLANT) , the STEEL CITY of Jharkhand.A lot of tourists visit Dalma Forests mostly during winter vacation.

I dedicate this Portrait shot to Portrait Photography lovers across The Globe.

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