“Flower Photography”

Getting a glimpse of flowers 🌺 in bloom will mesmerise you…..my onlookers.

A Too secret to share……almost except my childhood I don’t remember I had plucked ever any flower.Flowers are the MOST beautiful gift 🎁 from NATURE to enlighten our SOUL.

Beauty lies in the EYE’s of the BEHOLDER.

NATURE is always so GENEROUS in eliviating our SOUL through it’s beauties.

“Let’s LOVE ❤️ & let’s PRESERVE our NATURE”.

My dedication to all NATURE LOVERS….


4 thoughts on ““Flower Photography”

  1. Your different shot from different angle is what infatuates your onlookers. Leaves them spellbound.
    I grew up with these flowers in different colors.What you have shown seems as if I am holding it infront of me.Am back to my old days I had the habit of plucking them and keeping in my books.ameen.

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    1. For God sake I have never plucked a flower yet in my life….I just love Flowers.


  2. Beautiful blooms 🌹🌷

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