Let’s not LITTER any more

Let’s not LITTER any more

It’s a very common scene we all get to see on any tourist destination across INDIA where Monkeys sustain on LEFT OVERS and they are no less victims of POLLUTED SURROUNDINGS & the moment I clicked this shot…..

A Monkey on the road side licking on a “FAST FOOD WRAPER” really shocked me and a slogan just popped up.

Let’s SAVE this PLANET at least for the rest of US to THRIVE & let’s keep our SURROUNDINGS CLEAN and BREATHABLE.

Let’s not LITTER any more.


#swachhbharat #letscleanourplanet #cleanindia #letsnotlitter #natgeo #planetearth #photography

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing work !

    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Thanks Dear

  2. PhotoBySiba says:

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    Let’s Save our Planet

  3. Sandhya says:

    Well captured Siba!

    1. PhotoBySiba says:

      Thank you Sandhya

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