Beauty of Ganges…..Silhouette

Beauty of Ganges…..Silhouette

“Beauty is an Attitude that we perceive with whatever we see around giving it a meaningful memory of fascination for ever”.


At times I fall short of words for this stunning click I took at Buxar on river Ganga during •Chhat Puja 2013•.

As if it’s like making of a poetry….the boats standing in a rhythmic symmetry with colour contrast of darkened boats stationed on the vast golden harbour.The golden hue is mainly the outcome of the shot against Sunlight reflecting on the water body….

A mere glimpse of this beautiful shot will always remain as a back drop of beauty of Silhouette Photography•.

Buxar is a small district HQ town on the banks of river Ganga in Bihar where I spent a long tenure of about 4 years with the best of virgin nature all around and it would always be in my memory.

Here in this PhotoBlog I have tried to portray a few of my own clicks I took on the river during pre “Chhat Puja” celebrations from a speed boat while taking stock of the preparations along with DM Buxar.

I would love to dedicate these shots all Nature/Landscape Photography lovers across the Globe.



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