Bird Photography#5

Birds are the #Winged version of liberated creatures…..


If I am not wrong it’s Lapwig I clicked during my Buxar stay days in Bihar(India)dating back to 2013 with my Nikon D3200 with 70-300 mm Nikor lens.

I was lucky otherwise , because of My posting as Chief Manager L.D.M heading around 110 branches of different Banks in the District & I had a Vehicle with a driver at my disposal . I had to do a lot local tours mostly within the district & I had a habit of keeping my DSLR with kits handy for any such shots of birds on my way.

DSC_0048 (2)

These birds are really a rarest of rare sight in these day’s busy #CityLife across Indian cities .Just imagine few decades back the situation might have been much better for these winged creatures to roam freely with plenty of food round the corner.

“Let’s save birds and let’s preserve our #Bio-sphere”.

Dedicated to all #BirdLovers across the Globe.


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It's a Signature of My Creativity..... Emotions embedded with words and soaked with my Photography hope will definitely create an Life long Impression on You.

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