*Rath Yatra*-The Car Festival

Although I am from Balasore a city on the banks of “Bay-of-Bengal”in *Odisha* state but I never had a chance to visit *Baripada*the HQ Township of the adjacent Tribal District *Mayurbhanj* during *Rath Yatra* the famous *Car Festival* of Baripada.

The three Chariots(Rathas) of Lord Jagannath , Balabhadra & Shubhadra were ready to carry the Deities from Jagannath Mandir to *Maushima Mandir* with all pomp & geity.

​The Tribals ready in their typical costumes with Drummers were performing in front of the Jagannath Mandir & for the first I saw the Tribal people dancing to the beats of the Drums just unique to the *Santhali Tribals*and *Lord Jagannath**Balabhadra*& *Subhadra* were taken from the Temole to their respective *Chariots*Raths.

The Pandas(Brahmins) pulling Lord Balabhadra with the holy ropes tied around the deity to His Rath(Chatiot).

A closeup view of Lord Balabhadra worshiped as per rituals before climbing to His Rath(Chariot).

Tribal Drummers with their Huge Drums just unique to Sathalis beating druns to the right tunes and the entire environment was so unique to observe.

The Santhalis dancing to the tunes of the age old practice before Chariots ..

Myself with wife a selfie 🤳 before the Chariots in the background.

It was a real unique occasion to watch so closely and that too for the first time in my life.

I dedicate it to all………..

*जगन्नाथ स्वामी  नयन  पथ गमि भाबतु में *


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  1. Jai Jagannath

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Jai Jagannath

  2. GANSU says:

    wow, its very colorful. I have to plan visit up north some time. Beautiful photos .

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Rath Yatra at Puri is truly world 🌎 famous.

  3. DreamTemples says:

    Thank you so much,sir, for taking us on a virtual tour to this holy event and for these wonderful pictures.It was almost like seeing it all in person..

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      That’s a wholesome comment.
      Thank you 😊

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