God’s Own country Kerala….a memory

I was on my business trip to ” Kerala “ popularly known as “GOD’s OWN COUNTRY” on Feb first week 2017 and Kerala is on the south-west extreme end of Indian sub-continent.
Although i visited “Kovallam” sea beach long back in the year 1981 perhaps in a study tour during my college days.
Virtually i got a chance on the day of my departure from Kochin to Kolkata and planned for a trip with friends to the “Unique Kottayam” to click some awesome 😎 shots on back water at Kottayam.
We boarded a house boat from Kottayam with all the amenities for a few hours trip on the water with food 🥘 and music on the board.I am here with sharing some beautiful snaps of back-water at Kottayam and I am sure you will definitely like the scenic beauty.
Such scenic beauty of House-boat on water I am sure hard to find other than Kerala.

I am happy to click such beautiful shot of uniquely designed house-boat on water.Varieties of boats with awesome facilities as well as designs.

Really unique and picturesque…..against Coconut palms on the back ground.

Even birds are so lucky to get their share of shades on the middle of water…Really unique to see Cormorants flocked together.To see such big and uniquely designed house-boats my first experience…

Friend….If You ever get a chance to visit India dont miss out KERALA the “GOD’S OWN COUNTRY” AND ITS HONESTLY TRUE….



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