•Photography• a Story by Me😉

It’s a trend these days ~ after the popularity of #Facebook and other such popular medias among common people…..Everyone wants to be a •Photographer•. That’s Good 

I will say “though many a people are in to Photography but only a few become successful to express what they wish to express through their shots”.

Beauty lies in the Eye’s of the Beholder…….

I can cite few examples with my own clicks over a period of so many years in to photography although to be honest I just read a nice book 📚 on “Basics of Photography” in my school days and I don’t remember the Author’s name…I am sorry for that 😳.

I name it Boats 🚣 in a Row….showing a number of Sikara type boats in a row and i am sure it will create an impression the moment we see it in a proper framing.
A distance shot on a Beach with silhoutte image of people with a reflection on the ground creates a picture of the place one will wish to visit .
it’s Victoria Memorial Hall a Monument of British time in the Heart ❤️ of Kolkata “The city of Joy”.Its a simple iphone7plus click ! Clicking the object with illumination against a Jet Blck darkness creates the scene .

May be it’s one of the most memorable clicks of a herd of Bisons that I clicked at “Betla National Park”.The Bison Bull looking back creates a beauty with tress on the back ground and I remember the exact moment of this shot.I was on the jeep 🚙 during an early morning Jungle Safari and suddenly saw this herd of Bisons and the driver stopped the jeep 🚙 and I took no moment to jump down and clicked this moment as if the moment was waiting for me to show off through my lens.
My objective here was to show the concrete  stairs on the beach along with people there in to the sea at Chandipur beach. I am sure once you see this shot it will take you there !

Mix of hills clouds roads and huts creates a scenic entertainment . It is none other than scenic Tawang from Arunachal Pradesh in India 🇮🇳.
The structure clicked from the right angle will make the difference to your photography provided if captured with the right perspective . It’s the “Meditation hall” at Adisankara Nilayam (Chinmay International Foundation) from Cochin in Kerala .

Capturing Sunset with a reflection on water embossed with silhoutte of people sitting on the bank will be Memory to linger . Simple iPhone7plus click from EcoPark in Kolkata “The city of Joy” India 🇮🇳.

Sometimes a click of the sky and the clouds as seen through the window in an Aeroplane ✈️ with the engine and a portion of the wing will create a beautiful image . Again it’s an iphone7plus click.
It’s not necessary to go for a straight front shot but instead a side click highlighting the thing we project to show will create a beautiful image . Yes I will say it’s the Intution from within that prompts to take such a shot.Its Belur Math from Kolkata in India 🇮🇳.

The skin of “Royal Stag” and the colour of the tree on the back ground creates the real Magic .I remember it’s a click with Nikon D3200 only but I took this shot from a very shot distance and thank God the Royal Stag didn’t feel disturbed 😳 as I had to stop my jeep 🚙 to catch this moment . It was at Betla National Park in Palamu district Jharkhand in India .
You need to be daring enough to click a shot and be sure no animal will hurt you unless they feel a threat from your side . It’s a closeup click of Bison at Betla National Park with Nikon D5300.

The angle of Expression makes the difference because it creates the Image you imagine to show off . It’s  just an iphone7plus click from a closeup .

Nothing is more impressive than to capture the right expression .

To conclude this….

“I would say cropping and proper tilt adjustments is a must apart from little manipulation of exposure etc to give the right look to the shot”.

I will be happy if you put your emotions in rach shot you take 😊

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    Great pointers for taking good photos.I will try them out.Many thanks.

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      I will be happy if you put your emotions in rach shot you take 😊

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    Your stunning photos as well as your words always create such a story Siba. Well done.

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