*What a Coincidense*

I was about to catch the flight from Kolkata to Delhi , the capital of India on an official tour on an Indigo flight.

Yeah !! The flight was on time and i boarded the flight .To be honest i being an extrovert by nature won’t feel uncomfortable with co-passangers as well but….

“All on a sudden……I noticed a very strange thing”

That day i had a real strange dress code…..i mean from top to bottom even my T-shirt my pant,my shoes 👠& even my watch ⌚️ i wore by chance was from none other than “Benetton” the brand i like most because its pure #cotton.

I laughed..laughed…& laughed at my self…..and thought of sharing this non-sense coincidece with all you guys & ladies..heheheee😜

Thanks for tolerating me…….!

Hey…if it is too much then tell me please !

Happy flying with my write-ups.


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  1. Robert Omwa says:

    He he he he

    1. CreativeSiba says:


  2. It happens sometimes… and when it does… it’s fun.

    1. CreativeSiba says:

      Its right and i thought why not to jot down the fun 😍

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