The #New #Chef in your #Town

That was  #friday evening….on 28th April 2k17.

Me along with Wife and our Niece went for a Pizza πŸ• retreat at “The Dominos” in the adjoing “Rangoli Mal in front of our Apartment. After returning home 🏑I got a call from the Dominos guys asking “Will Aayushi be interested to join a Pizza πŸ• making session on Sunday 30th April ?

I took no time and said “yes”.

Man in #Red… the Chef gown.I was busy in stuffing finally before putting in to the oven.Aayusi was so nice at making Pizza πŸ• base from dough….She finally got her Pizza πŸ• out of oven.Here is the Pizza πŸ• in Aayushi’s hand.
It was a nice opportunity to learn #Pizza making along with #Dominos guys on the #Store it self . 

Really speaking while accompanying our niece to the Pizza πŸ• outlet for a hands_on pizza making session under the guidance of Dominos’ #MasterChefs I just asked in a very casual manner “will you guys allow me to try pizza πŸ• making ? The answer was “straight yes…why not !

It was a real life time experience to try hands on @pizza making .Yes it was initially a fun but as I started making the Pizza , to be honest the Chefs were stunned to see the way I made all stuffings before putting the same in to the oven and they said “I was no less than the professionals”.

Finally a Selfie 🀳 with Chef guys..lovely.

Thanks πŸ™ I am personally thankful to #TeamDominos for honouring with a certificate of #PizzaChef.Yes dear

By chance Dominos guys invited us for a Sunday Pizza πŸ• try….

I just tried my hands but now I am confident I can get a nice job in any Pizza speciality shoppe😍.

To be honest “both the Pizzas” πŸ• by me & Aayushi were awesome & different in taste….may be because it was #Selfmade.we both got our #PizzaChef certificates….he he he May be because it’s #Selfmade.

Dedicated to:1)Sandhya my Foodie Blogger friend 

                        2)Ritu my Foodie Blogger friend 

And Ranjeeta N Ghai The Poet


By Siba_Photography

It's a Signature of My Creativity..... Emotions embedded with words and soaked with my Photography hope will definitely create an Life long Impression on You.


    1. I was so keen to know the funda and basics of hot Morton delights from childhood and my mom was my mentor always.
      That day honestly the Dominos guys were stunned to see my hands on dough as if a professional.
      Got a certificate from Dominos.
      Next time u wish a Pizza πŸ• I am there to serve you….
      Thanks πŸ™

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  1. Thank you so much for dedicating this post to me Sibananda! I truly appreciate your kind gesture.
    What is a pizza retreat? It seems like a lot of fun and both yours and your niece’s pizzas look amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaaa yes it was
      Do you know when we were in Haryana but being originally from Odisha so ppl used to ask my wife about the recipe details of some Odisha cuisine but…..
      Before she could say in details I was the one who was quite vocals on it.

      She used to say”hey….tell me ? Who cooks all these ? You or me ?
      It was really a refreshing moment and your comments took me long back to some memories from yesterday days.

      Thanks ❀️

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  2. That is a fun experience for you all, especially for your daughter, to have made your own pizzas at Dominos. I did not know that they offered such experiences. Good for you! πŸ™‚ Food made thus with your own two hands, always tastes better.

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    1. That’s truely inspiring and Aayushi is my Bro-in-law’s only daughter with us during school vacations.Perhaps she loves us much more.heheheheee
      God Bless You .Our only daughter is in US an Engineer and in job there.Yes you are very much right in your was really wonderful to she her make the Pizza πŸ• on her own.

      Thanks πŸ™ once more for spending few moments on my blog.

      Otherwise how is the pic and words combination in my blog?
      Is it worth enjoying ?

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      1. Of course the post is. Our experiences are what make our posts special. Sorry to have mistaken her for your daughter but she is a niece so she gets the love of a daughter I bet πŸ™‚

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      2. May be she gets a lil extra love ❀️ from both of us and to your utter surprise she is sometimes strict on my just like my late mom.again I got lil more emotional 😭 and she sings pretty well on stage too.

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      3. I also noticed now that you have mentioned niece. This was a moment of brain fade really because I have had a long day of climbing too excitingly steep cliffs which I never thought I would survive. The exhaustion is closing in fast upon me at the end of the night.


    1. Yes it was initially a fun but as I started making the Pizza to be honest the Chefs were stunned to see the way I made all stuffings before putting the same in to the oven and they said “I was no less the professionals”.
      Thanks πŸ™

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