~Why I am Like Me 😳 में मेरे जैसा क्यूँ हुँ~part#1

Let’s cherish life…It’s an onetime gift 🎁 

This “Universe is a void fusion of circles ⚪️ rectangles 🔷 triangles 🔺squares 🔶 & lines ➖”.

As a Blogger I have experienced:-Early morning before Sunrise 🌅 is the best time when:-“Feelings turn in to words and flow in to sentences just naturally”.

  • A Question comes to my mind very often “why I am like me ? “
  • Sometimes I try to mend myself the way my wife wishes to be.
  • Sometimes I resent to her expectations.
  • Sometimes a passers by gives me a lesson to learn from life .

I am fortunate enough to meet a lot of people since inception of my job as a Bank officer in different parts of India 🇮🇳.
I met people from rural to urban from poor to rich…..
The moment they come to know , I am a Banker (by profession)they become my friends at the first instance. I will say I have a lot of friends from different strata of life whom I carry with me(I have not much friends in @Facebook-I am quite choosy) though we met in very odd situations like travelling as a co-passenger in a train 🚂 or we met while holidaying.

“It’s the “Aura” of a person that attracts the other person to be friendly”

Have you noticed a very “interesting human behaviour

at first sight….

“Some people we meet seem to be as if we have met before….but some people we meet just repel at first sight…..”

That’s the “Aura” I was talking about.

Just like,we all differ in our “finger prints” or “ratina mapping” , we all individuals are differently coded and we are “unique one piece”.

Of course yes…since childhood I was brought up in a way that led me to think differently and independently .

I will repeat an old saying…..”if I am good 😊 the whole world 🌎 is good to me

“I will share a Top secret…..”

I know,that most of the people I meet are “Unemotional ” excepting a few and…since childhood I was an xtreme pampered kid of my Mom.

I presume everybody to be “Emotional” to the extent as I am 😜 and I will confess…

I am xtreme hopeful even though I know there may be lilttle chance of hope “.

That makes my day….

Live..Love…let Live….and let….Love ❤️.

Sometimes my friends and colleagues ask me a Q ? What keeps me smiling 😊 day in and day out ? My submission is “Your smile on your lips 👄 makes me smile 😊”

Live a life full of passion……।।।।।ख़ाली हाथ आए हैं ख़ाली हाथ जाना हे ।।।।।।

 मन की बातें…..Words from my Soul.

Happy Blogging.

Author : CreativeSiba

@CreativeSiba presentation

Published by Siba_Photography

It's a Signature of My Creativity..... Emotions embedded with words and soaked with my Photography hope will definitely create an Life long Impression on You.

32 thoughts on “~Why I am Like Me 😳 में मेरे जैसा क्यूँ हुँ~part#1

  1. You are precious! So glad to meet you. Hahaha! I forgot you are a banker! I like you at first sight though, before you spilled the beans about your profession.

    Even so, who knows what Father got in store with this meeting of a banker while I am drumming up funds to plant food for our future survival? And why did you mention it? Just to let my imagination roar? lol

    Oh but my imagination goes wild with the souls Father brings my way. I think I’ll need bankers, lawyers, philanthropists and what else? Such immensity simply does not fit in my puny imagination.

    Best thing for me? Quit imagining things, thiaBasilia! Just write & publish & optimize. I will do the rest. The VOICE from my head and my heart plays its part.

    So, I let it be! Waiting to hear from you. I’ll stay put so I can write & publish & optimize. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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