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Me and Wife both being #foody stuff….

That was holiday in the mid-week and we were searching for some different food 🥘 destination to explore and all on a sudden this unique #RedMeat outlet idea came to her mind.

That’s “GOLABARI KOSHA MANGSO”The one and unique Red meat 🍖 foodie shop.It is centrally located near Shyam Bazar in Kolkata and just on the chowk itself having a legacy of 125 years of monopoly in the line.

Being an authentic Bengali shop menus of different serves are mentioned in Bengali only.It mostly caters best” Kosha Mangso “[कोशा माँगशो] with “Parantha”[पराँठा]. Apart from it is also famous for “Mangso Chop”[Mutton Chop] mostly in the evening time.

The quality of Red meat and the recipes are awesome not only taste but equally hygienic too.

I can suggest it’s one ☝🏾 of the BEST AUTHENTIC REDMEAT FOODIE DESTINATION if you a real food 🥘 lover…

Don’t miss out….

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    Looks yummy!

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