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Swami Vivekananda said 

।। में उस प्रभु का सेवक हूँ जिसे अज्ञानी लोग मनुष्य कहते हैं ।। means ।। I serve those Gods whom the ignorants call as humans||

I have always seen it in my life •As you wish so are you blessed by God always•

One of my clients Mr Garg invited me to join Sewa of rendering free services on Sundays and holidays and by the by he propesed me to join charity service on a Sunday being organised by “Sri Satya Sai Sewa Organisation“-Barabazar Samity-Unit 2 located at Sisir Bahaduri  Street in front of Hedua Park , Maniktola ,Kolkata6 WB in India.

Devotees were doing “Satsang & Bhajans” inside the Temple since 11.30 am and continued up to around 12.30 pm.

The Prashad in form of ” Khechudi , Alu Dum , Chatni and Laddu were being prepared since morning by devotees.

Local people mainly the slum dewellers as well passers by were well informed beforehand for such Prashad sewa . People were served in lines with Khechudi and other items followed by Laddu in a very systematic way by the devotee volunteers.

This is the outer view and of the Satya Sai Sewa Centre established since 1985 .

One thing that I liked most,was they don’t accept any offerings from those who come for a visit to the Temple. However this sort of Sewa Karma is totally dependant on devotees donations and their names they keep as anonymous.I got extreme emotional while serving the people because after more than 70 years of Independence there are millions of people in India who wont get a square meal per day.

Not to mention…This is not the only place where suchcharitable services” are rendered . There are thousands of such organisations all over India where such services to the poor and needy are being done in a most holistic way”.

I will say You may do any job or business or hold any post of dignity…but most dignified would be to become a common man and serve the “poorest of the poor and the needy”.

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