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•Let’s  wake up…Let’s change Ourself•

To start with , being a resident of a  posh Housing Complex with all the modem amenities like swimming pool , club room etc along with a beautiful “natural pond”properly landscaped and a Temple inside to offer Puja….where Living is a matter of Prestige .

of the residents are pure Vegetarians in their Food 🥘 habit and they live with a Dignity .

I am sure the things that I will share with you not only shock you but it will compel you to change your attitude towards being considerate to our Flora  and fauna around Us .

“Flora” denotes all the Greenary around us and “Fauna” denotes all the Living organisms around us.

To be honest you will be really surprised to know that (I don’t mean All )but most of the residents begin their day with pouring Holy water from river Ganga which is just near by on the #Siblinga planted inside the Temple. I respect their sentiment always.

Recently there had been “Holi festival” , say a week ago , but the way they all choose to play the festival of colours with Gulal and Chemical colours just near to the “pond”and without taking any extra precautions is a matter of “concern” .

I am sure , there won’t be a single fish 🐟 or even any organism living by now in the pond , the way it is polluted and the water colour proves the density of Red colour that has been poured in to the pond which were not cleaned the way it was supposed to be .

Q comes to my mind ?

When the residents are so holistic in their approach and how come they allowed such a thing to happen just under their nose ?

I have a “clear message” for every one I mean for the so called #NicheRich and #Welleducated people around the “Globe”  

Don’t just preach on “Vegetarianism”and don’t limit it to “Food 🥘 habits” only but please care for the tiny creatures in and around us who are not vocal enough to raise their voice .

Be caring for the Entire World 🌎 and remember one clear message…..

Let’s Live and let Live All….😍

Do what ever you feel like doing but…don’t forget there is a living World 🌎 around Us.

Thanks for stopping by….please share my message World 🌎 wide.

Author : Siba

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  1. Bhaja Gobinda Chowdhury says:


    1. Siba says:

      Bhaja Gobinda Sir your appreciations matters a lot for me and please check my other blogs on various topics .

    2. Siba says:

      Amar ar ek ta Blog
      Photography 📷 defined in My Own Way 💋
      Let me confess….

      I have never learnt photography from anybody but I do remember , I read a nice book on Photography in my school days.My Guru is …

    3. Siba says:

      It’s my today’s Blog
      Why I am Like Me ? 😳
      Yes the Universe is a void fusion of circles rectangles triangles squares & lines……..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Superb sharing….its very true infact…we have to care about it….excellent message…

    1. Siba says:

      Thanks 🙏 a lot my dear 🤓

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