HappyValentine Day 2017 💕


Love ❤️ is in the Air….

It was a spring time afternoon and as usual in hunt of a nice shot I was wandering inside Victorial Memorial Hall garden in Kolkata ,otherwise known as “City of Joy”.sometimes young hearts 💕 are here and there with hand in hand and that’s the uniqueness of this Spring time Victoria.

I was really filled with Love ❤️ to see this pair 👫in their teens sitting on the poolside and enjoying the moment .Love 😍 has no caste & no creed.It just happens at first sight.There is a famous saying “Everything is fair in Love ❤️ & War 🏹.

🌹Love and Friendship are the two best Relationships in the world,

There is a cute love in Friendship,

And there is a beautiful Friendship in Love !!

Never miss both.

Happy Valentines Day..🌹

Dedicated to All lovers across the Globe & my Best wishes to All the Lovers ❤️
Author:Sibananda Bhanja

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