Lust vs Love

Are you extremely attracted to someone? Well, that’s really great, but how do you know whether it’s love or lust? The line between lust and love isn’t very clear. In fact, there can be no attraction without lust. Our biology does play an active role in determining how and to whom we are attracted to…

Leave the Past

MARCH AHEAD….it’s LIFE Everyday let’s ask a simple Q to self in the MORNING ! “Where do I stand ? Have I have emptied myself from YESTERDAY’s SORROWS”. An usual the answer comes back……to be NO….NO…..NO……. Please take a pause & think twice and see If you have enough ROOM for today’s BUNCH of JOY…

Leopards @Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary

Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary is an uniqueness of natural habitat harbouring around 30 Leopards and out of that 11are quite active and their domain spreads over an area of around 21 sq kilometres. Jhalana Safari Park is the best place to witness leopards and many other wild animals. It’s a fantastic place away from the city….

Bird Photography….a new Dimension

Life is a Hell if you let your passion to die…. Not just photographers lead their passionate life but there are millions with different hobby or passion they nurture through their busy life style also live LIFE KINGSIZE….I started my journey in perusing photography since early childhood but the plunge into Bird photography came off…

Indian Darter….engulfing FISH

It’s really interesting to watch Indian Darter while fishing during morning hours in Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan India.

Red Crab…a really endangered species

Red Crab A beautiful click from Bay of Bengal “Dogra Beach” in Odisha but they are really endangered and not found much these days due to severe environmental issues we all know. Gear D500 with 200-500mm Nikkor Lens Exif Details f/5.6 ISO 100 1/1000 sec