WOMEN’sDay a writeup

W O M E N’s Day a writeup

A real life story came across while flipping through an English daily where an article was there mentioning “ In a marriage, a Woman becomes the weaker Sex”.

May be I wouldn’t have agreed to it but in such controversial times I presume myself to be in her place before I judge her words.

Words were so true in the context of Indian Marriage system an institution where an woman is invited as some one’s wife after marriage how famous even she might be in her own life and her own identity just fades away with her marriage.

Isn’t it so true…even if her husband won’t wish it so….but our society is groomed in such a way it takes the things in the wrong way any liberated woman would resist to her utmost dismay.

Two things she needs….from any Relationship

✓ One is HONESTY & the other one is INDEPENDENCE to keep her comfortable enough to BREATHE the Freeness.

✓ A Woman being a liberated SOUL as we Men are won’t mean she is there to beg her RIGHTS but she needs her OWN RECOGNITION in a true way I mean the way every MEN get it.

I am sure…..I am not the only Person on this Planet to think differently and taking their side for the sake of RIGHTS but I equally respect Every one’s IDENTITY & let’s all respect a WOMAN the way SHE DESERVES.

To be HONEST with CLOSED EYES…..can we ever compensate HER…..the SACRIFICE she does as a WOMAN as a MOTHER as a NURSE sitting tirelessly the whole of the Dark nights to usher rays of SUN-SHINE into our WORLD.

The answer would be no & NEVER.

Thoughts put to words without any prejudice and any resemblance is just a coincidence.

I would dedicate this post on the eve of WOMEN’sDay 8th of March across the Globe.



Travel Destination…Chupir Chor/Purbosthali in West Bengal India

Travel Destination…Chupir Chor/Purbosthali in West Bengal India

It was springtime in INDIA and I clicked these shots at Chupir Chor/Purbosthali a beautiful Bird watching destination near Nabadwip hardly 127 km from kolkata the city of joy where these

Western Swamphen or Morehen

Lesser Whistling-Ducks

Pheasant tailed Jackana

Asian Open Bills

Purple Heron

Great Cormorant

& many more exotic species of birds are quite abundant to show off their colourful beauty.

It was a mere bad luck I couldn’t spot Osprey the unique bird species which is the main attraction of this wetland.

Though I am quite new into this venture of wildlife/bird photography being a novice to memorise most of the bird species encashed a nice opportunity by landing on the site after a drive of about 3.30 hours from Kolkata.

The beauty of the Wet land at CHUPIR CHOR/PURBOSTHALI, what I felt was quite a virgin experience as much of the Flora & Fauna was not into human invasion.

I would suggest my Bird watcher & Photographer friends to explore this travel destination with a care for the NATURE in heart.

All the photographs I clicked with my D500 NIKON DSLR along with 200-500mm Nikkor Lens in hand.


Bird Photo…Lesser Whistling-Ducks


Bird Photography

I took this click from a remote destination in West Bengal India.

Gear D500 with 200-500mm Nikkor tell-zoom lens.

EXIF Details

f/5.6 1/640sec ISO125 500mm

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Golden days of #Childhood

Golden Days…..of #Childhood a StreetPhotography

It’s always been a cherished memory for everyone of us who were born during the 20thCentury’s India.

The dusty roads…The sand in hand….The smell of childhood made me nostalgic with this very StreetPhotography. It was early in the morning at the outskirts of my city and….

Those were the days with my friends….

We thought they would last for ever….

We sang and danced as if the days were forever…..

We’d live the life we choose for ever…

We’d fight as if We never lose…

Those were the days oh yes those were the days……

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Birds in Flight…Street Photo

#ReadyToFly with #WingsOfFire

It’s an Asian OpenBill Stork in takeoff mode.

Took this shot with NIKON D500 and 200-500mm lens


1/1250sec f/5.6 ISO 220 500mm


It’s the Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea) is a wide-ranging species of wading bird in the heron family, Ardeidae.

I clicked this shot at Chupi r Chod bear Nabadwip in WB with Nikon D500 along with 200-500mm lens.


f/5.6 1/1000 ISO200 450mm

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Bird Photography….Purple Heron

The Purple Heron

The Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea) is a wide-ranging species of wading bird in the heron family, Ardeidae.

The scientific name comes from Latin ardea “heron”, and purpureus, “coloured purple”.

It breeds in Africa, central and southern Europe, and southern and eastern Asia. The Western Palearctic populations migrate between breeding and wintering habitats whereas the African and tropical-Asian populations are primarily sedentary, except for occasional dispersive movements.

I clicked this shot at Chupi r Chod near Nabadwip in WB with Nikon D500 along with 200-500mm lens.


f/5.6 1/1000 ISO200 450mm

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#nikon #d500 #nationalgeographic #streetphotography #birds


Street Photography….The Sanyasini

Street Photography….The Sanyasini

It’s a street photography glimpse from the streets of PrayagRaj Kumbh Mela 2019.

She holds the Trishul in her hand symbolising herself as a stringent follower of Lord Shiva.

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Street Photography….Faces

FACES from PrayagRaj Kumbh2019

It’s always so challenging to compose pictures from a Mela/Fair where the subject is so fast moving that it needs a real inner insight to depict it into visual form that a photographer composes first in his/her mind.

I have tried to capture a few moods from streets of PrayagRaj Kumbh Mela2019 and hope every picture will tell a story by itself.

The Yogini with a Pair of “Trishul” in her hand symbolising herself as a devotee of “Lord Shiva”.

A Sanyasi in his saffron attire adding glamour to the background of pure serenity for which devotees from across the Globe come here to take a “holy Dip” in the “Triveni Sangam”.

A “Naga Sadhu/Sanyasi” at last agreed to give me a CANDID POSE with a cute pair of sunglasses that he adorned before I framed him.

My motif behind taking these snaps and writing this “StreetPhotography blog” was simply to show “FACES”to my august visual audiences/readers.


Time is Money…& let’s value Time

Time is Money…& let’s Value Time

I would request my readers not to consider TIME as what we get to see on a wrist WATCH or on a Wall CLOCK and MONEY never means The DOLLAR/EURO or INR in hand.

It’s like STRIKING an IRON ROD when it’s HOT that I mean here as TIME & the ultimate VALUE addition to LIFE I mean here as MONEY.

In today’s WORLD almost all of US chase against TIME knowing well we can never match the SPEED and ultimately end up with FRUSTRATIONS and to the contrary those who set milestones for themselves to CROSS are rather unique & more CONTENT.

Money is always a NEED but it’s not the ULTIMATE to waste by thinking upon to CHASE MONEY this way or that way.

I have seen people CHASING even after their superannuation from jobs or retirement from businesses,but I will say it’s a MINDSET ISSUE…..there are people who are not RICH ENOUGH but are MORE GENEROUS enough then their RICHER friends or neighbours.

Let’s not chase TIME ever and rather learn to VALUE time to keep our COMMITMENTS and value the ONLOOKERS with equal DIGNITY as we expect DIGNITY for ourselves being human with flesh & blood.

Let’s respect TIME and value MONEY as a need for SURVIVAL and nurture atleast one good habit of BEING COMPASSIONATE & GENEROUS in our LIFE.

*The universe neither blesses nor punishes us.*

* It only responds to the vibrations of our attitude….*

*Happiness in life depends on how we perceive it. That is why some are happy beggars & others are sad millionaires.*

Just my pure #thoughts put to #words.


Portrait of a Naga Sadhu

The PORTRAIT of a Naga Sadhu

It’s a Portrait of •NAGA SADHU•from PRAYAGRAJ KUMBH2K19.

The “Naga Babas” or “Naga Sadhus”, literally meaning ‘Naked Yogis’, are a part of the “Shaivite sadhus”.

Their physical appearance of “ash-covered bodies” and matted dreadlocks resembling “Lord Shiva”comes from being “Shaivites or followers of Lord Shiva”.

I would thank God the Sadhu posed before my camera on request and I feel humbly honoured by Him.