Bird Photography….Crested Kingfisher

Crested Kingfisher

Although this particular species of Kingfisher is rare to see but I was lucky to spot a very good numbers on the dry river beds in Rajaji National Park Uttarakhand India.

It was a weekend trip to Lansedowne and then to Rajaji National Park both in Uttarakhand with a motif to spot & click some uncommon bird species of Himalayas and on the third day we reached Rajaji National Park after 5 hours of road journey from Lansedowne in Uttarakhand.

The scenic beauty of Rajaji National Park where we stayed in a hill top resort was just mesmerising and after almost travelling 8-9 kms through dry river beds full of pebbles we reached at the resort .

We stayed there for two nights and spotted a varieties of Himalayan birds during morning and evening hours with my gear on my shoulder.

Rajaji National Park 🏞 is hardly 6 hours drive from Delhi and can be easily planned for a weekend birding trip.

Clicked with my Nikon D500 along with 200-500mm Nikkor Lens.


Bird Photo…Common Hawk-Cuckoo

Common Hawk-Cuckoo

The common hawk-cuckoo, popularly known as the brainfever bird, is a medium-sized cuckoo resident in the Indian subcontinent. It bears a close resemblance to the Shikra, even in its style of flying and landing on a perch.

It’s a click that I clicked at Okhala Wetlands in May 2019 with my Nikon D500 along with 200-500mm Nikkor Lens.


Let’s save Birds

A Sparrow feeding it’s Baby

I am lucky to witness such a beautiful pose from my Balcony in NOIDA which is a rare sight sight in most of the places because they are in the verge of extinction because of Urbanisation and Mobile Tower hazards.

Let’s all plant more & more trees for a safer Heaven for thousands of birds like these to build their NEST as tough summer/hotter dats are approaching.

Put water in pots on rooftops/balcony too to help them quench their thirst.

Let’s all join hands in making our earth a better place for these winged creatures to survive extinction.


International Earth Day

International Earth Day 22nd April 2019

It’s a great concern for all Nature lovers like me to think a bit on this International Earth Day ie; 22nd April 2019.

How far we are justified in avoiding Human & Animal conflict because that’s a big issue of today as we all entering into their territory which was once upon a time their’s.

Very recently I had been to a lesser known Forest near Narora in Uttar Pradesh India and saw some beautiful Nilgai the Blue Bulls roaming and grazing in the wild.

Saw some wild boars too which I could click shots with my DSLR.

Some Peafowls I came across on the road were busy dancing for courtship.

We all need to educate our future generations by making them accustomed to the wildlife around us through curriculum subjects and as well as trips to the wild.

We need to educate our children of the value of this earth by bringing them closer to the world of flora and fauna.

Their virtues and the best we can do to conserve and preserve our Mother Earth.

We all have to admit a fact that the declining forest area leads to extinction of so many rare species of birds and animals as it’s a mismatch in eco-system and cause a threat to their survival.

I would appeal to every human being living across the Globe to sit and think with closed eyes and pray for the well being of the wild animals and birds and pledge to take all possible steps for their conservation and survival by planting more and more trees and making afforestation a huge success.


Bird Photography…The Peacock

The Indian Peafowl

It’s a click I took from the neighbourhood in Narora in UP and a lot of Peafowl come in the morning hours for their feed.

It was a very difficult shot as I had to jump down from the Jeep with my gear in hand to shoot this glamorous pose of course from a very long distance but I am happy to freeze this moment.

A click from the Woods in Narora in UP India.


Purple Sunbird in Nest #1

Purple Sunbird in NEST #1

it’s the Mother Bird sitting inside the nest.

“When you are One with Nature

Nature too becomes One with you” & I am lucky that way to find this “Purple Sunbird” making a nest on my Balcony to incubate her eggs.

The nest so well woven

It proves the immense faith of this cute bird I have an equal responsibility to protect them to survive among us.

During daytime the mother bird sits with its open beak & I will be posting a series on it.

Let’s all be a little conscious of our environment to help and protect the other species to survive among us.


Bird Photography….The Greater Flamingos in a Flock

Bird Photography….The Greater Flamingos in a Flock

The Greater Flamingos are a popular resident of west Africa, sub-saharan Africa, the Mediterranean regions, southwest and south Asia (especially Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the coastal belt of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Odisha in India).

The Greater Flamingos are tall, attractive, rosy-white pink billed coastal birds have found a new open home in the Capital region particularly in the Najafgarh Jheel,Okhla and Sultanpur sanctuary and marshlands in and around Delhi too.

It’s a click I took at OKHALA BIRD SANCTUARY near DELHI in India 🇮🇳 with my NIKON DSLR D500 in third week of March2019.

Catching a Group of Flamingos is a rare opportunity at times for a novice photographer like me…….😍


1/2500sec f/7.1 ISO400 @500mm

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Bird Photo…#Brown Headed Barbet

Brown Headed Barbet

It’s a click from the wilds in Keoladeo National Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur Rajasthan.

India is a country really reach with not only different species of Flora but of Fauna too.

Gear Nikon D500

EXIF details

1/125sec f/5.6 ISO100 @500mm

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Bird Photography…The Spotted Owl

The Spotted Owl

It’s a morning click of the Spotted Owl resting on a tree at Keoladeo National Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur Rajasthan India.

Bharatpur is an awesome wetland a birding site for many exotic as well as Indigenous bird species and it’s a paradise for Bird watchers and wildlife photographers & it’s hardly 180km away from New Delhi the capital of India.

Gear Nikon D500


1/160sec f/5.6 ISO100 @500mm

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