Bird photography Tips

Beauty of Bird Photography

I would say…..every beautiful click of any BIRD photo always depends a lot on the

1)Intensity of light falling on the object(Bird).2)Proper camera settings with a DSLR and required TELEPHOTO lens in hand because Bird shots need to be clicked from a distance mostly.

3)Lastly luck plays a great role in clicking any good shot because the pose of the bird enhances its beauty

The combinations of all the above factors makes any bird photography a memory to see and see again.

I was lucky that morning as there was proper morning Sun light falling on their wings and all were facing my camera and last but not the least it was a chance I would thank God for that to get this shot.

My Gear was NIKON D500 with NIKKOR 200-500mm lens & I will dedicate this blog to all Photographers and Birders across the Globe.


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  1. dolphinwrite says:

    I am forever amazed at the variety of animals, including birds.

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  2. Bhajan Sadhu says:

    It’s marvellous to learn more about photography.
    Thanks for the information

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