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Kuldiha Wildlife a perfect Bird Photography Destination

I am quite happy and proud of Kuldiha Wildlife destination being in my neighbourhood hardly 40km away from Balasore city in Odisha which is my home town too.

One can reach Balasore through Rail and Road from the nearest Airports at Bhubsneswar being hardly 190 km and from Kolkata it would be 290km only.

As planned we started from Balasore early morning at 5.30 and picked up a perfect guide Mr Manaranjan Das as arranged by my friend Subrata Nayak and took with us a new member Akanshya Behera who is also a nature lover and wildlife conservation activist and reached the inner core area around 7am and then started our journey by foot with the gears in hand and I am lucky to say that I could click so many lifers.I am sharing some of the shots and I am sure most of my photography and blogging friends would definitely cherish it.

The Indian Pitta

The Malabar Trogan

The White Rumped Shama

The Hair-Crested Drongo

The Black Napped Monarch

It was hardly a trip of 5 hours and I am quite content with so many shots I have got in such a less time and I would advise my birder and photographer friends to maintain calm inside forest and never ever through any plastic material or litter inside and try for educating the local people to conserve the nature so that the other feathered creatures to survive along with us in harmony.

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