Photographing a real Rare Bird

That was a weekend Photography plans to The Hills of Darjeeling and as usual I talked to my Guide cum Birder at Siliguri to discuss our plans and expected species in and around Darjeeling and to my utter surprise he promised for sure to get shots of Collared Grosbeak both male and Female.

On the early morning of our 2nd day stay at Siliguri we got prepared for our journey very early in the morning uphill and reached Jal Pahar Cantonment area where there was last reporting of that species and found the cold was too intense being 3* C at 7am in the morning and climbed the stairs up a good distance to ultimately reach the spot where already 2 bird photographers were ready with their guns with tripod stand.

Me and my wife both with our gears in hand got enormous opportunities to shoot both species with different lighting conditions and apart from that found so many other species in abundance too.I am sharing here with some awesome shots of Collared Grosbeak for my viewers delight.

Male Collared Grosbeak
Male Collared Grosbeak
Male Collared Grosbeak
Female Collared Grosbeak


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  1. Pepper says:

    Beautiful bird and beautifully captured.

    1. Thanks a tonne

  2. goutamkpnb1165 says:

    One more gems in your collection. We salute Sir.

    1. Thanks a lot

  3. susmita mukherjee says:

    The birds and the photography both are very very nice❤❤❤❤

    1. Thanks a lot

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