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Indian Paradise Flycatcher a Life Story

Indian Paradise Flycatcher a life Story

That was in June 2021 and by virtue of my transfer postings I landed up at Durgapur in West Bengal though popularly known as Steel city and on enquiry from some bird photographers from neighbourhood came to know about Garh Jungle where the famous Shyamarupa Maa temple exists.

The vicinity being a harbouring place of Indian Paradise Flycatcher quite famous as their nesting place.

The next Sunday morning me and wife landed up there at Garh Jungle and met a few birders cum photographers who led us to the locality near Shyamarupa Maa temple and luckily we spotted an Indian Paradise Flycatcher nest quite close on a branch of a tree and it was good enough to watch and shoot from a reasonable distance without disturbing the parents in their parenting.

Then began our story of regularly visiting the same place early in the morning continuously for 13 days together from the Egg laying till finally the young 3 babies ultimately flew away from the nest and from 14th day onwards we observed that the nest was abandoned and ultimately weathered.

This was altogether a different experience and may be a lifetime journey with the little bird in family building as a peculiar thing attracted us most that during baby sitting male bird was feeding the female and it was a rare moment for us .

Here I am sharing some shots chronologically for the viewers to get a glimpse of the Indian Paradise Flycatcher baby sitting.

Sibananda Bhanja

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