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Bird photography itself a STORY

That was in June 2021 when I landed up at Durgapur in West Bengal by virtue of my official transfer postings and the very next day at Durgapur being a Sunday I enquired from my Bangali photographer friends about nearby bird photography locations and came to know about Garh jungle a sacred place of Shyamarupa Maa temple where there was ample opportunity of spotting Indian Pitta and Indian Paradise Flycatcher too.
From next day I started visiting the same area as we could spot a nest of Indian Paradise Flycatcher on a lower level branch of a tree which had access to good photography from a reasonable distance without disturbing the birds in any way.

We visited the same nest in same locality for continuously 13 days in a row and watched from laying of eggs to hatching and ultimately the young birds flied off.
I am sharing here with some photography and that was a hilarious experience in itself and a memory for a lifetime to cherish.

The Mother sitting eggs
Watchful of the Nest
Feeding of new borns
The Babies were almost 7-8 days old
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