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International W O M E N’s Day a writeup

A real life story came across while flipping through an English daily where an article was there mentioning “ In a marriage, a Woman becomes the weaker Sex”.

May be I wouldn’t have agreed to it but in such controversial times I presume myself to be in her place before I judge her words.

Words were so true in the context of Indian Marriage system an institution where an woman is invited as some one’s wife after marriage how famous even she might be in her own life and her own identity just fades away with her marriage.

Isn’t it so true…even if her husband won’t wish it so….but our society is groomed in such a way it takes the things in the wrong way any liberated woman would resist to her utmost dismay.

Two things she needs….from any Relationship

✓ One is HONESTY & the other one is INDEPENDENCE to keep her comfortable enough to BREATHE the Freeness.

✓ A Woman being a liberated SOUL as we Men are won’t mean she is there to beg her RIGHTS but she needs her OWN RECOGNITION in a true way I mean the way every MEN get it.

I am sure…..I am not the only Person on this Planet to think differently and taking their side for the sake of RIGHTS but I equally respect Every one’s IDENTITY & let’s all respect a WOMAN the way SHE DESERVES.

To be HONEST with CLOSED EYES…..can we ever compensate HER…..the SACRIFICE she does as a WOMAN as a MOTHER as a NURSE sitting tirelessly the whole of the Dark nights to usher rays of SUN-SHINE into our WORLD.

The answer would be no & NEVER.

Thoughts put to words without any prejudice and any resemblance is just a coincidence.

I would dedicate this post on the eve of WOMEN’sDay 8th of March across the Globe.



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